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Conservation & Regenerative Agriculture ("CA/RA")

We are what we eat, but what exactly are we eating?


In a world filled with genetically manipulated food, meat with added hormones, crops drenched in pesticides and degraded soil that is infused with fertilizers, questioning what we eat is more important than ever before. 


Through decades of traditional farming practices we have degraded and eroded our soil and destroyed natural ecosystems. The soil, one of our most valuable natural resources, is now in a state of disrepair.

CA/RA holds the solution to all these problems. Through sustainable agricultural practices we can start to regenerate our soil and produce healthier food.

Regenerative agriculture includes minimizing soil disruption, maximizing crop diversity, protecting the soil by keeping it covered, keeping the soil alive by encouraging live-plant roots throughout the year and integrating a variety of livestock.

The future of agriculture lies in sustainable practices.

Restore Africa Funds support the ethos of the value driven movement towards the healing of both the land and people as reflected in the movement’s manifesto.

Principles of CA/RA

Minimize soil disturbance
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